Xbox-Hq PC Essentials

Xbox-Hq PC Essentials 2.02

Xbox-Hq PC Essentials is a suite of applications for the XBOX
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Xbox-Hq PC Essentials is a suite of applications for the XBOX. Actually, it is a suite of applications for your PC to be able to communicate with the XBOX. If you want to communicate with your XBOX for anything other than uploading memory saves, you are probably facing a long sentence at a not-so-nice prison somewhere. If you get caught. Anyhow, the suite I am reviewing includes several applications. The main ones are FTP clients, so that you can connect to your XBOX. You also are provided IP ping utilities, dashes and more. The dashes allow you to customize the way your XBOX looks, and what it can do. The most advanced dashes turn your XBOX into a full-blown computer. XBOX-HQ PC Essentials is not a free application, in that you can't really download it if you are not a member of Xbox-HQ. All the applications included can be found somewhere else. However, this pack really makes things easier for you by doing the hard work for you. So if you own an XBOX and your PC to play nice to it, you might as well check this out.

José Fernández
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